Various Portfolios that I have created throughout my career, including (but not limited to) Music, Athletes, On White, and more.

  • Santana Box Set

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    A collection of Kwaku’s favorite Santana images documented for his music CD cover art in a limited edition box set consisting of 15 signed 5×7 fine art giclée photographs. This wood box was created and constructed by industrial designer Ilan Dei that reflects both artists’ sensibilities into a beautifully crafted piece of self promotion art. 25 pieces were originally made for distribution, and only two remain.

  • On White

    On White Portfolio

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    On White is a personal portfolio of work I began in 2005 in Venice after being continuously inspired by my fellow Venetians and neighbors.

    I photographed people off of the street with my large format 8×10 view camera, using just the natural light in my personal studio and allowing their unique personalities to shine through.

    While the project has grown substantially to include celebrities and people outside of the West Coast, the roots of inspiration are the same: focusing on light and composition – the beautiful basics of image-making. This series is inspired by many photographers, including Richard Avedon’s American West, and and Irving Penn’s City Workers.

  • Music Portfolio

    Music Portfolio

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    These are working portfolios designed to showcase the best of my celebrity, music, and portrait work to the professional world.